For sites that have truck access we have a customized Mobile B-53, mounted on a 1995 Ford F-700, 4 wheel drive. This drill is fast. A down hole wire line sampling system provides accurate soil sampling. We have added extra hoisting winches which allow us to swing up to 75 feet of auger from the tower when round tripping the sampling hammer during the drilling of deep holes. This rig is set up for production, and can accommodate many different site conditions.

Mobile B-53 is our work horse, this drill is fast and the best option when there is truck access. The 4-wheel drive allows us to get this drill into difficult terrain. The Mobile B-53 has proven time and again to be a fast, and reliable drilling system.

Auger: 6″ Ø Solid Fight to 120’
Hammer: 140 lb. down hole wire line
100 gallon water tank

Dimensions and weight:
Tower down: 24’L x 8’W x 11’H
Ground to tower up: 31 feet
Weight: 11 Tons

Modified California, 2.50″ I.D.
California, 2.00″ I.D.
Terzaghi (SPT), 1.50″ I.D.

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